Ready but nervous

Yes I have been on hormones for 7 years now and im ready for my resignment.
Specific_Questions: Do you make ppl feel warm and dont scared them…and how much is the surgery….and how much do I have to put down.


Dear Marilynn,

You should receive an informative E-mail with 2 attachments that will provide a good overview of what’s involved.  We want to operate in a safe environment, so that means you are a good surgical candidate.  You live in Maryland, so we want to be sure you make arrangements with a doctor to follow you once you’ve returned home.  Please review our informed consent which is posted on our web-site for discussion of risks and read our article attached which describes our actual experience.  An informed and compliant patient (following the instructions) is your best guarantee you’ll do well.  I think you’ll find this approach is universal regardless of whomever you choose.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.



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