Metoidioplasty patient with premature orgasm

I have been experiencing a lot of frustration and I have been embarrassed to talk about it or ask questions for fear of stigma. I had my bi-lateral mastectomy  several years ago and then my meta a few years after that along with complete Hysterectomy. The frustration comes from since the meta I have become so sensitive that when I have sex with my wife and I make sure she is satisfied as soon as she touches me I am done literally and I have always been one that can only orgasm once. It’s bad enough I can’t penetrate her as I would really like to an feel it,but as it has been said ” it’s easier to make a hole then a pole”. She has always been understanding and sympathetic to my feelings but lately I have just stopped her from touching me all together. We have been together for 7 yrs and married for 3. Are there any others that have gone through this? How did you deal with it? Is there something I can do that would help besides numbing cream?

Good afternoon Brett,

Please ask your doctor if sertraline is right for you.  Also have you ever considered conversion to a phalloplasty and insertion of a penile implant to enable penetrating sex?   There are no involved partners.
Harold M. Reed, M.D.



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