Will you take my insurance for MTF vaginoplasty? Raising money for a TG center.

Dr. Reed,  I have Cigna for insurance and my plan covers M to F transsexual reassignment surgery. I also have the hospital coverage as well. It covers up to 80%. My primary care physician, my endocrinologist, and psychiatric physicians all state that MTF (or SRS, Sexual Reassignment Surgery) would be considered medically necessary.  Do you or would take insurance.  I plan on raising the money but when I do it will not be used for my benefit but to help start a transgender center here in Kennebunkport, Maine. We need this.  A safe place for newly transitioning individuals to have a safe place to start their journey to woman.


Hi Roselynn,

Thank you for visiting our web-site and taking notice of our Vaginoplasty grant   The key to having other doctors work directly with your insurance company is to find out what they pay for ransgender surgery.  If you don’t know that answer, believe me doctors will ask before they take you on as a patient.  One of the most uninformative and misleading insurance promotions is “we pay for transsexual surgery.”  he good news, if they pay for hospitalization and anesthesia, we’ll reduce our fees by several thousand dollars.

When you’re on an airplane and the attendant is doing the pre-flight announcements, she’ll or he’ll say “in the event of low oxygen level  in the cabin, oxygen masks will drop down.  Place a mask securely over your face before assisting others.”  While I wish you every success Roselynn, with your TG support center, take care of Roselynn first.  Not only will you have tended to this important aspect of your transition, you’ll be a better role model and expert to guide others.

If we can assist you as a Vaginoplasty sponsor, please advise


Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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