2017 Vaginoplasty grant program, how do I apply

Dr. Reed,  My therapist from Orlando has told me of your generous MTF vaginoplasty grant for this year entitled “the first 17 in 2017“.  Am I too early or too late?  Are there any added expenses I will incur that are not covered by your Grant.   Veronica

Dear Veronica,

Yes, we still have some openings for our first 17 in 2017 vaginoplasty grant program.  Some grant programs will cover the entire operation but fund only a few patients.  Our approach is to be helpful, and compassionate discounts are available. That way so many more patients can have an affordable MTF vaginoplasty.  We strongly advise that you call the office and speak with Dr. Reed or Anne first so we can qualify you are truly a surgical candidate.

We are looking for good height weight conformation, or BMI below well below 30, 2 letters of therapy clearance (write to us for more info about that), and that you have some financial reserve to cover travel expenses, a hotel room for you and a female surrogate, vaginal dilators, and incidentals such as bed protectors, anti-embolism stockings, a ring pillow and some oral medications. Please see our before and after MTF vaginoplasty sex change pictures.  They can be found at


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

Example #3: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery - Vaginoplasty with lubricious vulva - 3/1

Vaginoplasty after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)



Vaginoplasty after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)



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