Sex reassignment surgery (male to female)

Dear Dr. Reed,

I have one letter of therapy clearance written by a PhD and she is referring me to another therapist for a letter of concurrence.  Please provide a check out list of what else needs to be done,  Am proposing October, 2015, if you have availabilities.


Dear Marsha,

Thank you for your interest in what we do and visiting our web-site  We have been doing sex reassignment surgery (male to female)
since 2003 and at this time have a 1000 case experience.  Before and after photos of our work on our   Hope you like what you see.

When I completed urology residency transgender surgery was not on the curriculum.  I had gained a lot of experience in penile surgery with correcting Peyronies disease and doing urethral stricture work.  This led to a local plastic surgeon asking me to help with his first case.  He had helped out an attending doing a case 20 years ago.  Naturally I needed some training.  Knocked on a few doors and was accepted by Dr. Perovic in Serbia who said “show me your wallet, show me your passport and you put this in the bottom drawer and don’t take it out until it’s time to go home.”  His father was a priest and I regarded Dr. Perovic as a saint.  Eventually he visited me 3 times in the United States and sent his assistant professor Dr. Djordjevic here 8 times to proctor me.  I returned to Serbia a total of 8 times, later stayed with Dr. Monstrey in Ghent for 10 days, and that’s how I learned Transsexual Reassignment Surgery.

I am sending you a check-out list entitled “Mallory’ in honor of one of our first patients.  Please review that and call me with any questions or concerns.

We truly enjoy what we do and hope you will be pleased as well.   We prefer not to leave any patient behind, so if you need help with compassionate pricing, call Anne, who is the brains behind pa and the maker of deals.


Harold M. Reeds, M.D.
The Reed Centre – Miami

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