Would like a long metoidioplasty, after all I’m a guy

Dear Dr. Reed,

For reasons of economy I have decided for the moment not to have a phalloplasty but to have a metoidio[plasty as I have learned that a metoidioplasty can be converted to a phalloplasty later on.  Is this true?  And what can I do to get the longest possible metoidioplasty?


Dear Gerald,

Yes, that’s correct.

It takes one to 2 years to max out testosterone effects and also testosterone precursor effects when used
as a topical cream.  There is a cream favored by European doctors that can be applied daily,
and if possible you may wished to place over than a strip of Saran-wrap or Glad-wrap   This is called an
occlusive dressing and keeps the cream more on the clitoris than allowing it be rubbed off in your
night wear.

There are also vacuum erection devices designed just for your purpose.  You may wish to visit our web-site

Hoping this is an help, and Happy Thanksgiving,.  If you are having sunny weather as we are, consider
a walk before sitting down to dinner.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre forTransgender Surgery – Miami

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