How do you make labia majora and labia minora

Dear Dr. Reed,

Could you describe your technique for making labia majora and minora?



Hi Suzanne,

If you are of normal height and weight configuration, we are always careful to leave a streak of subcutaneous fatty tissue on either side of the vagina.  This forms the labia majora.  The inner labia (labia minora) can be made with penile skin (done in Thailand) but the labia are usually very floppy and many natal females with labia like that are asking for reduction.  We are able to make labia minor using a tensing technique to form the inner and outer creases.

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Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

labia minora morph 1

labia minora morph 2

labia minora morph 3

labia minora morph 4



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