Questions about electrolysis in preparation for vaginoplasty

Hello Again Dr Reed.

I wrote you a week or so back about scheduling SRS with you.
I barrow the $5000 for the surgery and have it in hand. I need to know a few things first.

About the scrotum hair removal, Is there a way this can be bypassed? I understand why it
should be done but I have  limited time and resources. I work at a power plant and we are down for 1 month
per year.. IN MAY. I will not have another opportunity till next year. I am not sure I can wait that long.

I may sound as if I am in a rush I am but only for time’s sake. the opportunity to do this just happened.
I have been waiting  to do this for quite a few years and now I have the finances for surgery and I need
to seize the opportunity it before something comes along and  distracts my finances and time.
So, back to the hair removal problem.

I wrote to you in one letter telling you I was pretty clear in the areas you described. I have some hair “not much
on the front side of the scrotum but none on the back side all the way to the anus.
On the penis, at the base of the shaft on the sides, Left and Right  there are some plots of hair but they are
confined to about the size of a dime and not very thick. The rest of the penis shaft is clear of any hair at all.

I am an American Indian and we are not very hairy. Could you work with this? and if some depth is lost because of it,
It will not be that big of a deal to me.

I know I am trying to ask you something that you want to see before you give me a answer but based on the information, could
you do the surgery by using what is there as it is regardless of optimum depth?

If you accept me, It’s going to be a one time shot because of the distance and cost of travel. With my strict schedule, limited time off
and very thin resources I don’t think I can make just a consultation visit and then come back so soon for surgery.
I am in good health. Non Smoker and average weight. I am a pilot and had a Flight Physical September and all was well from that.

I have tried to reach you by phone but you have been with patients each time I called.
I shall try again monday and we can discuss this further if you will.

The next thing I wanted to know. If you can take me, how do I pay you? Bank Check?
I borrowed the $5000 this morning and will put it in my bank Monday.

If you can E-mail me with some ideas based on what I told you about the hair that will make me feel better
and less anxious over being able to do this.

Heather K.

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