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Dr. Reed, Need a vaginoplasty revision after being done abroad.  I am a dancer and my labia are uneven, and I think the cleavage is too high. In most photos of natal women I have seen the cleft is a lot lower.  Will send you some photos if there is any interest.  Am about 5 inches deep and would like 6 plus.


Dear Sarah,

Yes please send some photos and do look at for some ideas about what we can do.  Sometimes just undermining the pubic skin and bringing the labia majora closer to the anal verge will lower cleavage or we may be able to bring the anterior commissure, the area where the labia join just above the clitoris closer together.  If the labia majora are released, we can reduce the greater side to provide more symmetry.  Greater depth may be achieve just by diligent use of stents of dilators.  Ask for a copy of my article on non-grafted vaginal depth enhancement


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