Contemplating female to male surgery

Dr. Reed I am seeking advice about female to male surgery and preparation

Actually am a girl, but I am not happy with my body. I want to stay like a boy, my all activities are same like boy only, like dressing style, habits etc. In short, I have everything like a boy, but I have a female body. So I am not  satisfied and unhappy  with my body. I am suffering from this problem since 10 years, still, I didn’t recognize my problem.

After knowing about transgender surgery, I am thinking that I should go through it.

Please suggest me, What should I do. If the decision I have taken is correct or not.    Daksh


Dear Daksh,

Thank you for joining our group and wish you get many different replies. World wide, you are certainly not alone as females who wish to be males are very prevalent.  Think very carefully about your decision as the surgery which may include breast reduction or top surgery and lower surgery which will alter your reproductive potential is irreversible.  Most surgeons would suggest you see a therapist as an initial step, followed by contacting an endocrinologist who will prescribe testosterone.  The cost of FTM (female to male conversion) is more expensive than MTF.  Ultimately you will want a phallus that is sensate, a stand to void result, and the capability to have an erection and penetrate.

Hope this gets you off to a good start.
Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami



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