Diabetic and HIV positive patient seeks MTF sex change

I am MTF transgendered woman have been taking hormones for approximately 20 years. I have been living as a woman for over 20 years. I pass as a natural woman. I work as a woman, I attentd graduate school as woman. My whole life is living as natural woman. A secret life basically. No one other than my family knows that I am a pre-op transgender woman.I am 46 years old soon to be 47 near the end of 2008. I have to stress confidentiality in this matter because my career is based on others seeing me as biological woman and nothing more.
Specific_Questions: I do however have medical conditions that I am in control of. I am a ‘Type 2 diabetic‘ which is under control.I have high blood pressure which is under control.I have high cholestrol which is under control.The biggy is I am HIV positive which is also under control.I take medications for all medical conditions.I eat right and exercise on a regular basis which helps maintain a healthy status. Please send me all information pertaining to acheiving this long overdue dream goal of mine. I am at your mercy.  Dehlia

Good afternoon Dehlia,

Sounds like you are well on your way to having a transgender vaginoplasty.  What you are seeking is below the waist gender confirmation, or feminizing vaginoplasty.

Being a type 2 diabetic in good control is not a problem, nor is your HIV positive status if in good control.  That means a letter of clearance from your HIV doctor, a CD4 count above 400, and a very small if any detectable viral load, a white blood cell count above 4,500.  Please look at before and after pics on our web-site  Our office specializes in male to female gender reassignment surgery.  Here is a photograph of one of our patients after surgery, who inspired a “colleague” to say this is a photo of a genetic female not a gender reassignment MTF patient.



Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


Example #1: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery

After photo of an MTF vaginoplasty patient of Dr. Reed

Another MTF after photo of a patient of Dr. Reed practicing vaginal dilation



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