Need Affordable SRS Gender Reassignment Surgery

Dr. Reed,

I’we been looking at your pictures of male to female sex change surgery.  Shortly I hope to be a candidate for srs surgery,.

I’ve been on hormones for just over 5 months and I’m currently starting to gender transition
Specific_Questions: My biggest concern is basically being able to afford the surgery. I am familiar with having to do therapy and live as a girl for a year, but when that year is up I am going to be rushing for the surgery. However I’m also doing this on my own.  My financial situation is ‘really crappy’. And it also doesn’t help when I have to pay travel costs from MA. So I guess what I’m asking is how much would it be for SRS and can I finance it or take out loans?   Alicia

Good morning Alicia,

Please do not undertake srs gender reassignment surgery even though inspired by before and after pictures  You need contingency funds to cover many unforeseen medical events including continuity of medical care or a return trip tom your surgeon for wound care or a touch up.

In order words, please do not read “travel to Europe on 8 Dollars a Day” and think for 56 dollars you can tour Europe for one week.

Dollar for dollar, your surgical fee is one of the most important investments
you can make in your future, but do it wisely and not prematurely.  Isn’t it better for you to select an experienced surgeon and seek a fee assistance from  that office.  Why put yourself in unnecessary debt.

We have noted that 50% of our patients come in with an SRS sponsor.  Could be
a spouse, loved one even Mom and Dad, friend, business partner, or
church group.  We will also offer a professional discount to needy patients.
We are not subsidized and the salaries of our skilled staff are in no way discounted by compassionate SRS fee reduction,.

Happy Holidays,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami


Male to Female Vaginoplasty post-op picture, Dr. Reed’s patient

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