Need hormone therapy for my male to female transition

Dear Dr. Reed,

Please advise regarding hormone therapy to start my transition from male to female.

BECOME: Female – MTF
Hormones/Conversion: no i am not on hormones i am just getting started on my life change
Specific_Questions: how wood i go about getting hourmones so i can start my life change
HEAR: internet


Dear Addie,
We do hormones.  A letter of therapy clearance is required by a licensed
therapist with a doctoral degree.  Our fee is 250 for consultation, and 600
per year to follow you with needed lab tests, office visits, prescriptions,
counselling, numerous telephone calls, and medical records documentation.
The 600 fee is payable whenever you wish to start on hormones. Lab tests are

an out of pocket expense as is the medication.

We may recommend a laboratory, but you can have them done at a nationally recognized
laboratory of your choice. Knowing when to have these tests done is important to get meaningful results.  I’m phoning in prescriptions for hormones on qualified patients almost daily.
You will need to schedule in for an initial office consultation and we’ll present you with helpful information
forms including when you can anticipate changes are first noted and the time it takes for maximum effect.
Also adverse effects of hormones.  You need to know that as well. Lastly we’ll discuss how safe medical dosages are regulated the routes by which hormones can be taken.  For example, oral, sub-lingual (under the tongue), via skin creams or intramuscular.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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