$5000 MTF vaginoplasty offer

Where are we with the special $5000 vaginoplasty offer for 5 this July.  Fully subscribed?

I’m sure, I am not too early but am I too late?


Dear Jasmine,  Honestly while there has been a lot of interest and 3 takers, thought we’d have more by now.  Problems are work related issues like
patients can’t do it until 6 or more months out, and we’d like to complete our obligations before the end of this year for that low fee.

We enjoy doing vaginoplasties. A couple of applicants are well into heir 60’s and have to arrange for Medicare assistance.  One has to disenroll
from her insurance company which gave a firm “no”.  “Medicare has instructed us to ‘carve out’ transsexual surgery and refer these patents back to them
if they are Medicare eligible.”  This applies to situation were Medicare was the secondary payer.

Jasmine we have all kinds of vaginoplasty grants and consider the Reed Centre a vaginoplasty sponsor.  Please visit our web-site
I think you’ll find a lot of vaginoplasty pictures and before and after vaginoplasty photos of revisions we have done.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

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