A journalist writes: name 5 questions that an MTF patient should ask their surgeon

Here are my 5 questions…

1.  Am I a good candidate for surgery?   If not ideal, what can be done to enhance the likelihood of a smooth convalescence and successful result?

2.  Have you written any articles in peer reviewed journals describing your case experience and technique?

3.  How deep will I be and what techniques and post-operative care is required to maintain and build upon whatever depth you have produced in the operating room?

4.  How accessible are you, if I have any questions or concerns, or need followup care?

5.  Will I be orgasmic and a “turn-on”?  How soon may I have penetrating sex?


For before and after photos of transgender MTF surgery please see


Harold M. Reed, M.D.

The Reed Center- Miami
for Transgender Surgery



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