A matrimonial bilateral crossover, keep partners and dance

Dr. Reed,

I am interested in an MTF sex change vaginoplasty and my wife is scheduled to have a phalloplasty.  Would you able to advise how soon can we have sex.


Dear Darlene,  Given the most ideal of situations you could possibly have penetrating sex in 8 weeks, but 3 months is more likely for transgender vaginoplasty patients.  However, if your spouse is having a phalloplasty, he would need a penile implant to penetrate.  In most situations, this is a staged procedure and may not be done for a good to 6 months after the initial phalloplasty heals.  I have enclosed a photo of a patient status post phalloplasty how had a semi-rigid penile implant installed, and to permit adequate wound healing, I would advise no sex for a good 3 months.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery-Miami

FTM Phalloplasty with Semi-rigid penile implants

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