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Looking for MTF bottom surgery pictures

Dr. Reed, There seems to be a paucity of MTF bottom surgery pictures on the Internet.  Is posting them illegal?   Taylor

Dear Taylor,  On our web-site we have numerous MTF bottom surgery pictures.  There are doctors that do MTF bottom surgery and not sure why they do not post their work.  Other surgeons have listings under transgender surgeon, but specialize in facial feminization surgery and do not do MTF bottom surgery at all.

I believe prospective patients have a right to more or less get an idea of a “final product.”  We are going for a cosmetic MTF bottom surgery result and a functional (orgasmic and depth) bottom surgery result.

Please visit our web-site for pictures of our one-stage vaginoplasty and revisions we have done of work done elsewhere.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami
MTF bottom surgery picture (vaginoplasty) patient of Dr. Reed

After male to female vaginoplasty, how many days should I stay in Miami?

Dr. Reed, After male to female vaginoplasty, how many days should I stay in Miami? Victoria Dear Victoria,  Quick answer: at least 7 days.  Surgery is the “zero day”.  A good (cosmetic and functional) vaginoplasty result starts out with a lot of preparation.  Ask your surgeon for a detailed information packet describing all the details.  You…Continue Reading

Need a vaginoplasty revision

Dr. Reed, had a vaginoplasty elsewhere and I am not happy with the result.  Leisa Dear Leisa, Vaginoplasty revisions are performed for unsightly scars, pouting urethras (urethral spongiosum rests), misplacement of the urethral opening and clitoris, lack of depth, and a vaginal opening that does not permit easy access.  Please Email some photos and recommendations will…Continue Reading

Can u sponsor me for a change change?

How much do it cost and can u sponsor me for a sex change. Britz Hi Britz, Yes, we will sponsor you for sex change with a compassionate discount of several thousand dollars. Obviously you need to be a surgical candidate with 2 letters of therapy clearance.  Call our office and let’s talk. Cordially, Harold…Continue Reading

FAQ Transgender vaginoplasty moisture techniques

Dr. Reed, I’d like a moist transgender vagina. What techniques are used worldwide to create this type of environment? Sally Dear Sally, Transgender vaginal moisture certainly facilitates sex and helps formulate partner awareness that you are aroused.  Very flattering and a turn-on as well.  However, you should know that natal female vagina is not especially…Continue Reading

How large should a male to female transgender clitoris be

Dr. Reed, How large should a male to female transgender clitoris be.  I am concerned if the transgender surgeon doesn’t male it large enough I will not be fully orgasmic?  Wendy Dear Wendy, please go on-line under images google and look at natal mature female clitoris pictures.  A normal clitoris is about 2/3rd the diameter of…Continue Reading

How common is a urethral vaginal fistula

Dr. Reed, How common is a urethral vaginal fistula and how would you propose management?  Karen Dear Karen, The underside of the urethra is the pathway that leads to the pelvic space which is retro-prostatic and retro-vesical. That is behind the prostate and bladder.  It is possible that during development of the space the urethra…Continue Reading

Any vaginoplasty Valentine’s Day promotions?, need some financial help

Dr. Reed, Wednesday the 14rth is coming up soon.  I’ve been a transgendered woman for 7 years, have my letters and need some financial help to achieve gender confirmation surgery.  My family is supporting me.  Just a few thousand shy of your published price.  Aisha Dear Aisha, Of course, the Reed Centre will provide a…Continue Reading

Colonic vaginoplasty including small intestinal vaginoplasty

(from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, April 2106) Long-Term Follow-Up of Transgender Women After Secondary Intestinal Vaginoplasty. van der Sluis WB1, Bouman MB2, de Boer NK3, Buncamper ME2, van Bodegraven AA4, Neefjes-Borst EA5, Kreukels BP6, Meijerink WJ7, Mullender MG2. Author information Abstract INTRODUCTION: Intestinal vaginoplasty with a sigmoid colon or ileal segment is an established surgical technique for vaginal reconstruction. Little has been…Continue Reading

Transgender vaginal depth, how to restore

Dr. Reed, Am a transgendered woman and had expectations of a deep and functional vagina.  While I had been instructed to dilate daily or wear a soft mold, I was not very consistent. What are the options now?  Narabeth Dear Narabeth, Vaginal depth is a given for intimacy.  Be of good cheer as there may…Continue Reading