Am FTM and interested in top surgery

Dear Dr. Reed,
What are your fees and would you please post some photos of your work.


Dear Scott,

Top surgery for FTM’s start at $3,500.  Photos  of our work are displayed on our web-site

Hope you like what you see.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami



Male Chest Reduction: Example #3 3/1: Pre-op showing  grade III enlargement. 3/2 and 3/3:  Immediate post-op with reduction.


How do you make labia majora and labia minora

Dear Dr. Reed, Could you describe your technique for making labia majora and minora? Suzanne   Hi Suzanne, If you are of normal height and weight configuration, we are always careful to leave a streak of subcutaneous fatty tissue on either side of the vagina.  This forms the labia majora.  The inner labia (labia minora)…Continue Reading

BMI and being a low risk surgical candidate for transgender vaginoplasty

Talking about BMI and the ideal surgical vaginoplasty candidate.  Patients undergoing anesthesia for 4 to 5 hours (operating time is less),  need to have enough protein on board to ensure good wound healing and of course at the other extreme be not too heavy as fat against fat does not heal well.  A heavy torso weight…Continue Reading

Metoidioplasty cost effective FTM

Dear Reed, Have had top surgery and am giving consideration to bottom surgery, metoidioplasty vs. phalloplasty.  Can I have phalloplasty later on as a continuation procedure. Scott Dear Scott, This is a cost containment plan as complete phalloplasties to include a stand to void result, and a penile implant, should you consider being sexually active…Continue Reading

Post-op transgender woman asks about dilation

Dr. Reed, Want to be ready for Mr. Right.  What is your advice regarding vaginal dilation?   Cheryl Good afternoon Cheryl, This is always a timely subject because every year there could easily be another 2000 new transgendered women in this world.  We recommend you use tapered dilators which are curved like a ski.  Start with…Continue Reading

How do you achieve good cleavage with breast implants without synmastia or “uniboob”

Surprisingly we have seen a few patients over the years done elsewhere.  A more recent one, was old she had synmastia but this was not so.  The implants did not touch each other and in fact the cleavage was acceptable.  In the photo below, the breast implants are touching and this looks like synmastia, but…Continue Reading