Male to female transgender, needs financial assistance and speedy return to work

My name is Patricia.  Dr. O’Donnell, my therapist forwarded me your email on Vaginoplasty fees.

I have been seeing her for a couple of years and she will write a referral letter. I have a few question.
How far ahead would I need to schedule the surgery? How much time should I figure on being off work?
I Drive trucks for a living.  How much would I need to put down to get on the schedule? Other then the
letters from Maylin and my doctor (Donald Peyton) what else would you need? This something I really
would like to do. I just need to figure out if it is possible and how to pay for it.


Dear Patricia,

Thank you for your interest in what we do.  Sounds like you are well on your way.  Think of us
as transgender sponsors. Kindly thank Dr. O’Donnell for  the referral.  Ultimately we will need a
letter of therapy clearance saying the vaginoplasty is “medically necessary.”

We usually have availabilities every month.  Please call Anne at the office,  for more precise
information.  Presently on retreat in the Carolinas till Monday.

You most likely could return to work after 3 to 4 weeks, but use a ring  pillow whenever
seated for 4 weeks or so after surgery.

You negotiate a fee with Anne to get an idea.  This is followed byv your sending in a
consultation fee for 250.  If you are a surgical candidate  then we ask you send in a
nonrefundible 50% deposit to hold a date, usually  no more than 4 months out.

Other get ready items are in our letter entitled Mallory (attached).  Please look at our
transgender sex change photos

After reading the attached, if you believe I am the doctor  for you, please initiate a
consultation over the phone with our office  by sending us your name, address,
and telephone number  in an envelope along with a check for 250.  We’ll  get started ASAP.

We’ll have a lot to talk about.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Transgender Surgeon
The Reed Centre – Miami


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