Orchiectomy for now on an MTF patient

I am a 22 year old transgender in graduate school.  I cannot afford full vaginoplasty,
but would consider orchiectomy.  Will I be at a disadvantage for vaginoplasty which seems
almost certain in a few years.


Dear Danielle,

Thank you for your interest in what we do, several orchiectomies every month.

Among the advantages are the feminzing effects, discontinuation of a testosterone
blocker and reduction of estrogens by a third.  Our fee for orchiectomy is 2,500
which includes local anesthesia with IV sedation, use of the facility, surgery and
any followup care I provide.

Many prospective patients have the same concern about vaginioplasty limitations,
but in reality we can do a scrotal graft extension as easily on a post-orchiectomy patient
as a patient having everything done at once.  If you are worried about diminishing surface area,
please keep in mind the graft is fashioned from skin which stretches very easily.

You will also be credited immediately a 1000 discount to your future vaginioplasty
with us in addition to any other individual consideration offered at the time.

We do recommend you stay at one of our 2 recommended hotels for 2 days afterwards.

As this is irreversible surgery, we do require 2 letters of licensed therapy clearance,
one written by a therapist with a doctoral degree and the other by a therapist with
at least a masters degree.   If need be, we can arrange for therapy evaluation in the
greater Miami area.

We have availabilities for orchiectomy almost every week.

After reading the attached, if you believe I am the doctor for you, please
initiate a consultation over the phone with our office by sending us your name,
address, and telephone number in an envelope along with a check for 250.    We’ll
get started ASAP.  We’ll have a lot to talk about.


Harold M. Reed
1111 Kane Concourse, Suite # 311
Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154

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