Pearly pink papules – treated in Miami

Dar Dr. Reed,


Havwe pearly pink papules, and you have me shceduled for a cirucmsionion next week.  Can they be removed at the same time?



Dear Keith,


Yes we can and tere is no addiotnal chgarger.  You’ll be under local anesthesia.  Pealrly pin k papules are consider a normal variant not to be confusedf with peniole condyloma or warts.  They tend to occur more in uncircucmsied men and are not sexually transmissable.  The etchnique we use is pin point cauterization with low setrting dessication.  In that they can occur very clooely in a row, we do not wasnt to make aburnm scar streaking across the corona, so we’ll go after the major ones (oftyen 70% of them and leave some skin in between to promote n ormal oun d healing.  Then in about 6 weeks you can come back and we can dfo the rest.



Clitoral reduction for clitoromegaly

Dr. Reed,  My clitoris seems to be somewhat larger than normal.  I can send you some photos, and if you agree, can this be easily reduced without loss of sensitivity. Pamela Dear Pamela, I have received your photos and concur.  Our approach is to reduce the clitoris from the underside avoiding the nerves.  (so called…Continue Reading

Legal letters after Gender Reassignment Surgery

Dr. Reed After my vaginoplasty or orchiectomy will I get legal letters confirming that my gender change is official? Barbara Ann Dear Barbara Ann, Yes, of course.  Please determine at this time where you want those letters sent and any specifics that may be required by your state or federal government. These letters are prepared…Continue Reading

Vaginoplasty catheter is causing “bladder spasms”

Dr. Reed,  Is this normal, feel like I’ve got to pee. Veronica Dear Veronica, Yes, this is entirely normal, and if you could lift the ceiling off of the recovery room at Mount Sinai Hospital, 1/3 of patients (all with a catheter) are telling the nurse they got to pee real bad.  We use a…Continue Reading

Labiaplasty in Miami

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure for natal women to reduce redundant floppy labia minora and at times a drooping clitoral hood, and in transgender patients to produce or refine labia already created. Most American women seem to prefer labia minora that are not excessively large because of protuberance and chaffing problems.  Labia minora normally have…Continue Reading

Vaginoplasty spotting with dilation

Dear Dr. Reed, Is it common to have experience some  bleeding or spotting on the stents after dilation? Meryl Hi Meryl, If a few weeks afterwards, could be an inflamed area which should heal or a suture fragment in your vagina, which should reabsorb with time.  We have also seen granulation tissue or an “erosion” in…Continue Reading

Orchiectomy in Miami

Dear Dr. Reed, Are you available for orchiectomy this May?  I live in Port Charlotte and have been recommended to you by my therapist.  She has prepared a letter which can go out as soon as requested.  How long will I have to stay?   Been transitioning for 2 years.  Terri Dear Terri, Thank you for…Continue Reading

Breast implants in Miami

Dear Dr. Reed, Will you consider me for breast implants at your Miami office?  I am 20 years old but having been living a woman since age 15.  You remarked when we spoke that I have feminine voice.  Do you have a preference for saline or silicone? Alyssa Dear Alyssa, You can save $1000 by going…Continue Reading

Getting ready for feminizing vaginoplasty at the Reed Centre

April 26, 2016 Good evening Dr. Reed, How many days should I book my hotel at Daddy O’s? Your information packet states my stitches and catheter will come out 7 to 14 day depending on how I heel. Will a family physician be able to remove my stitches if needed?  Please ask Anne if she…Continue Reading

Aggressive male seeks orchiectomy for calming reasons

Dr. Reed, I am considering an orchiectomy not  because I am a transgendered individual but rather because I have a very high sex drive and am overly aggressive and ambitious, occasionally take unnecessary risks that distract me from an otherwise very rewarding career as an accountant. Lyndon Dear Lyndon, May I propose you start with a…Continue Reading