Lubricious vulva following MTF vaginoplasty

This is the desired new standard for MTF surgery and something we strive to do with our patients such as examples 3/1-2 and 8/1-5 in our photo gallery

Lubricious could mean:
1. Having a slippery or smooth quality.
2. Shifty or tricky.
a. Lewd; wanton.
b. Sexually stimulating; salacious

However, before I knew of meanings 2 and 3, this was a familiar
urological term that describes a catheter with a hydrophilic suface
(loves water literally) that glides in a lot more easily than standard
catheters and is better tolerated by patients. They are more costly,
but for years we have only used lubricious catheters in MTF surgery
at our center.

This term has been re-coined by me to describe a technique that I
learned from Dr. Marci Bowers, using urethral mucosa for constructing
the vulvar plate. There is somewhat more lubrication there, but also
the color of the tissue is pinker and seems to resemble natal vulvas
a lot better than typical pigmented epithelium. The inner aspect of
the labia minora on natal woman are pink, whereas the outer aspect is
darkly pigmented. The vulvar plate is confluent with the inner
aspect of the labia minora. Marci uses a 2 layered suture to raise
the edge and quite frankly, I was inspired by her technique.

Harold Reed, M.D.

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