Recovery time after MTF Vaginoplasty

September 1, 2011

Dr. Reed, I have been on hormones for about 4 years now. I have breast implants, and I am under going FFS. in December. I have been living full time as a women ever since age 16. I am currently 21.
Specific_Questions: I have questions about recovery time… how much time should i take off work… how long will it take before I can have sex for my first time. also how do i prepair and do you have pictures? what are the risk’s and what are the chances of me needing a revision.  Kara

Good afternoon Kara,

Thank you for your interest in what we do. 

Answering your thoughtful questions in the order posed…

Plan on  taking off a good 3 weeks from work after the first stage, and if you return as do 80% for a touch up, 3 months after complete wound healing, plan on taking off an additional 10 days, after the revision.  There is no surgical or facility fee for touch up, however, you will be asked to pay for anesthesia only 600.

For penetrating sex, please wait a good 8 weeks after your initial procedure.

After reading the attached, if you believe I am the doctor for you, please initiate a consultation over the phone with our office by sending us your name, address, and telephone number in an envelope along with a check for 250.  We’ll get started ASAP.  We’ll have a lot to talk about.

On the second attachment, if you will click on the X just to the right of Bookmarks, it will open up the article further and make is easier to read.

Please call Anne at the office for individual consideration if needed as she is the brains behind pa and the maker of deals.


Harold M. Reed
1111 Kane Concourse, Suite # 311
Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154


  1. Dr.Reed.
    I am MTF, i ahve been in transition for 3 years now. For work and safty i have been unable to dress as female full time, but still wear what i can when not fully cross gender dressed.
    I am interested in full SRS,FFS,Breast augmentation,trac shave, hair transplant,etc.
    Are their grants or loans available to help in paying for these proceedures….Thank you Amanda.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    While I can understand perhaps why you not be able to dress 100% en femme now, will you be doing this after surgery, and if so why would it be possible then?

    Yes, I would love to help make your dreams come true. Please call Anne at the office on Tuesday. Anne is the maker of deals and the brains behind pa.

    You will need 2 letters of therapy clearance before surgery.

    Best wishes,

    Harold M. Reed, M.D.

  3. Hi Dr. Reed

    I’m 20 and considering a sex change male to female and I want breast implants a face lift hair transplant and anything else to make me look like a female how much will it cost me for all of the above

  4. Hello dr reed I have been looking for a doctor to get me on the right track to starting my transition. I would like to know where to start and what to do. I have felt as if I were a female for quite some time. Had the oppurtunity to live as a girl when I lived with my father who accepts me, now I live with my mother and she flips shit. The only one unsupportive is my mother. I would like to know where to begin my transition.

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