Breast augmentation during vaginoplasty touch up

Dr. Reed,  I plan to have a labiaplasty touch up this August and wonder can you do breast implants at the same time.  My wife will be coming down as before.

Dear Catharina,

Breast implants with primary vaginoplasty is done in Thailand.  While I try to avoid that, too much surgery,
considering that you are only here for a touch up down below, yes we can do this.  Please remember the perineal
area while clean cannot be made sterile for any length of time, so there is a remote possibility of an enhanced infection rate with breast augmentation, but it should be very low.  They have done studies on the presence of bacteria in the blood after dental flossing and occasionally the cultures are positive.  Just something we have to advise you about.  Please see the many before and after photos of breast implants we have done,


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami




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