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Dear Dr. Reed,  Do you do breast implant surgery?  I have heard your name mentioned as a transgender surgery center in Miami.  I am a B cup now, home grown, but would like to be larger. Any thoughts?


Dear Stephanie,  Yes, we surely do breast augmentation here at our office.  We do recommend you wait 2 years on proper estrogen doses to max out your home grown breast enlargement.  Usually you will mature to be one cup size smaller than your mother or sister.  Important considerations in breast implant surgery at to keep the incision concealed, and keep the implant ideally no larger in width than your natural breast growth.  Otherwise, the “double bubble” or Michelin tire-man effect.  We favor the sub-pectoral or sub-muscular approach so there is more of you between your skin and the implant itself.  You can increase volume some by increasing projection.  To place an implant 1/2 under your arm is not cosmetic, in my opinion.  You will also want a sufficiently large implant so that the nipple areola complex does not appear too far lateral.  This is not normal.  We can better advise you, when you visit with us.  Call Anne, our amiable office manager to schedule in.

Please see our breast implant photos, before and after on our web-site srsMiami/breast augmentation

With kindest regards,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery � Miami

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