Breast implants, best size

Dr. Reed,  What size breast implants do you recommend?  Sally

Dear Sally,

Breasts are universally recognized as a symbol of nourishment, love, femininity and sexuality.    If you are a transgendered woman, ideally you should be on estrogens for 2 years to stimulate maximum home grown breast development.  It is always best to place the implant underneath the augmented breast size to avoid a “double bubble” effect.  If you are seeking more volume, you may opt for more projection, but never go so far as to have the implant go under your armpit or axilla.  Overly large breast implants will sag with time, as do natural large breasts.  Best to be on the operating table once, then to risk having a lift.  We try to use the Tebbett’s formula for size.  Also you will want cleavage and not an “empty” zone between your breasts. The midline itself should not be lifted otherwise you’ll have “uniboob” or synmastia.  We favor saline implants as they are less expensive, and require smaller incisions (inserted collapsed and filled after insertion).  Can be adjusted so both sides look perfectly symmetrical.  The implants are placed under the muscle (subpectoral) for better concealment, so called “dual-plane technique”.

Hoping this is of help,
Harold M. Reed, M.D
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

1/3 - Before

Before breast implant picture (Dr. Reed)

1/4 - After

After breast implant picture, patient of Dr. Reed

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