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I am transgendered and seeking Breast implants  Impressed by your web-site  Your implants appear more natural. Can you do a small labiaplasty touch up at the same time?  Appreciate your accommodation.


Dear Iyanna,

Thank you for your interest in the Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery.  I hope with hormones, you have maxed out your home grown breast size.  Usually takes about 2 years  Placement of the implants and size is very important as we see implants located more under the arm than the true breast leaving a large central gap.  We are also very fussy about incision closure and strive to keep it inconspicuous and off your lovelies.

Please do call Anne and schedule in for a consultation regarding Breast Implants.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

1/3 - Before

Before Breast Implant

1/4 - After

after Breast Implant

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