Breast implants for transgender female

Dear Dr. Reed,
I have been on hormone for several years and wish my breasts were larger.  I am between an A and B right now.  Do you recommend saline or silicone and may I see some before and after photos of your breast implant patients?


Dear Vivien,

We enjoy doing breast implant surgery because beautiful breasts are a sine-qua-non of femininity.  Even more important than facial feminization this is what an observer sees when you are first approached and provides confidence you are the person he is seeking.  Please look at before and after photos of our breast augmentation surgery on  We tend to favor saline because the incision is smaller and under the pectoral muscle I don’t believe there is any difference in how it feels.  Ther is also a savings of about $1000.

If you insist on silicone, surely we can do that as well.  Either way, enjoy seeing the real you in a mirror.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.

Transgender Surgeon
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery  –  Miami

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