Breast implants, how large can you go

Dear Dr. Reed,

I am a medium size gal, about 5’8″ and weight 165 pounds and seeking breast implants. I have heard that overly large implants will droop over the years and I’ll need a lift.  I am about an A to B now.


Dear Laura,

This is correct.  In general we follow the Tebbetts formula, and an important feature is to keep the overlying breast mass just a little large than the implant itself, so as the avoid the double bubble effect or the Michelin tire man look. Then too overlarge implants may mind up partially under your arm, you don’t need that.  Higher profile implants may give you more volume with the same size base, but if extreme lack a natural look in some instances.

If you are a transwoman we favor use a sub pectoral or dual plane approach.  That way you have overlying muscle mass as well which helps to remove any doubt, that these are for real.  Please see before and after breast implant photos on our web-site

Hope you like what you see.

Happy Year,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami






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