Breast implants in Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,

Will you consider me for breast implants at your Miami office?  I am 20 years old but having been living a woman since age 15.  You remarked when we spoke that I have feminine voice.  Do you have a preference for saline or silicone?


Dear Alyssa,

You can save $1000 by going for saline, which in my opinion do just as well. Another advantage is a lot smaller incision, because the salines are inserted folded as thin as a cigarette, with input tubing attached.  Once inside they are filled so the 2 implants match each other as closely as possible.  You’ll be seated up under anesthesia and all of the operating room crew will come to the foot of the table and comment on balance and position.  Final adjustments are then made.

The implants are placed under the muscle so that will enhance your breast size even more.  Please see photos of befores and afters on

Place call Anne at the office and schedule in for a consultation.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

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