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Orchiectomy to reduce estrogens and stop spironolactone

Dear Dr. Reed,

Would like you to do my orchiectomy in Miami, because I think I may
be allergic to Spironolactone which contains sulfur.  I know I am allergic to sulfur.


Dear Jessica,

Yes, Spironolactone does contain sulfur and the likelihood of your having an allergic reaction may be 2.8 times normal.

Here’s the molecular formula. C24H32O4S   S stands for sulfur.

Or simply stated from the web FAST TRACK. ..”The odds of an allergy to a non-antibiotic sulfonamide more than doubled if the patient had a history of allergy to a sulfonamide antibiotic.”

So if you feel badly when you take Spironolactone and don’t feel badly when you’re not on it, do not take it and surely this is a good reason to consider having an orchiectomy.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami