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Transgender male to female vagina function

Dr. Reed,  How does my male to female transgender vagina function?  Karen

Dear Karen,
Most male to female transgender patients anticipate sexual relations and being orgasmic. For that you need sufficient depth and preservation of the neurovascular bundle and a well formed neo-clitoris with glans (head of the clitoris) and body.  Anticipate some vaginal moisture which may need to be supplemented with lubrication or oral sex.  Please visit our web-site srsmiami.ciom/vaginoplasty (scroll down) for male to female transgender surgery pictures.

For depth, you do need to maintain a daily regimen of vaginal dilation.

Example #2: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery Note clitoral hood, glans, and sulci. Ample introitus is confirmed by passage of our largest stent.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami

Male to female vaginoplasty picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

Do you know of any transgender surgeon who accepts United Healthcare?

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How soon can I expect changes with transgender bilateral orchiectomy?

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Male to female surgery pictures help me better to understand

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MTF orchiectomy

Will an MTF orchieictomy effect vaginal depth when I return for a vagionoplasty. Karen? Dear Karen, An MTF orchiectomy will leave plenty of scrotum for vaginal depth extension, should you need that.  You’ll find tucking easier and may look more feminine below the waist with tight fitting slacks or sportswear. I believe our MTF orchiectomy fee is…Continue Reading

Any holiday male to female transgender promotions?

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MTF bottom surgery, what may I expect

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MTF post op results, what can I expect

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Breast implants or breast augmentation for transgender women

Breasts are universally recognized as a symbol of nourishment, love, femininity and sexuality. Breast augmentation is the second most popular cosmetic procedure performed (following liposuction), about 254,000 cases per year in the United States. If you are a MTF transgendered woman, you should be on hormones for 2 years to max out your “home grown”…Continue Reading

How Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery Really Works …

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