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Transgender orchiectomy cost

Dr. Reed, What is the cost for transgender orchiectomy.  My therapist has recommended you.  How long do I have to stay?  Miribal

Dear Miribal,  Our fee for transgender orchiectomy is $2,500 and that includes surgery, local anesthesia with IV sedation, use of the facility and any followup care we provide.  We ask that you stay at a nearby hotel for an additional 2 days of convalescence before travel.  Ideally, you should have a female friend or spouse with you at the hotel.

We do both sides through a singular 1 1/2 inch vertical scrotal incision.  The spermatic cord is also removed which helps to reduce scrotal mass (easier to tuck) and also the “tootsie roll” effect.  As a result you can typically lower your estrogen intake by a third and stop spironolactone.  Do stop estrogen intake for a month before the orchiectomy.

Needed are 2 letters of therapy clearance, lab work, and possible medical clearance if you are 40 years of age or older. visit our web-site for befofre and after transgender pictures.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami


after transgender vaginoplasty picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

How applicable is male to female genital homologues when doing transgender surgery

Dr. Reed, How applicable is knowledge of male to female genital homologues when doing transgender surgery?  Nureen Dear Nureen, Male to female differentiation starts when the fetus is about 2 inches long.  Some of the similarities you may be aware of are the scrotum in the male is similar to the labia majora in the female.  The…Continue Reading

Need an orchiectomy to stop “washed out” effects of spironolactone and reduce estrogens

Dr. Reed, Need an orchiectomy to stop “washed out” effects of spironolactone and reduce estrogens.  Nichole Dear Nichole, We do several transgender orchiectomy (ies) every month.  As rule you can reduce your estrogen intake by a third and of course stop spironolactone (called Aldactone).  As estrogens are coagulopathic we ask that your stop estrogen for 1…Continue Reading

How do I get to the Reed Centre for Male to Female Transgender Surgery once in Miami?

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Can you do me at the hospital to save on male to female gender vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed, Can you give me a special price if your hospital will accept my Medicare.  Heard about you from a friend who received a compassionate discount, from our fee posted on  If you do me, you can post my male to female vaginoplasty pictures on your web-site.  Louise Dear Louise, Yes, we would…Continue Reading

Am interested in more vaginal depth following male to female transgender vaginoplasty

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FAQ Will I be orgasmic after male to female transgender surgery? | The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

Dr. Reed, I enjoy orgasm and want to preserve that after male to female transgender vaginoplasty.  Is my expectation reasonable?  Ramilu Dear Ramilu, I have done about 3000 cases are all are orgasmic except 2 patients, one a diabetic in poor control the the other an inveterate smoker.  So we say “if you can play…Continue Reading

Male to Female Transgender insurance The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

Dr. Reed, Please advise which transgender insurance program will you accept that covers male to female transgender surgery? Will I be orgasmic and look natural?  We spoke over the phone about 6 months ago. Natalie Dear Natalie,  While we are not contracted providers with any insurance company, if your insurance company pays for hospitalization and anesthesia…Continue Reading

Need restoration of transgender vaginal depth (FAQ) | The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,  Need more vaginal depth. Had a vaginoplasty elsewhere 2 years ago and was able to dilate to about 5 1/2 inches (second from the last dot).  I didn’t realize how important vaginal dilation was, became somewhat asexual, and now my depth is about 3 to 4 inches at best.  Any suggestions. Linda Dear Linda, For vaginal depth, dilation 3 times a day after vaginoplasty or…Continue Reading

Need male to female vaginoplasty, do you have a sliding scale

Dr. Reed, Would like a male to female vaginoplasty.  Do you have a sliding scale? Heard about you from a friend.  Valerie Dear Valerie, Yes, we can be very compassionate.  If you are comparing fees please consider this. The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami  had offered earlier this year to 5 medically qualified patients MTF vaginoplasty…Continue Reading