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Can you do male to female vaginoplasty and facial feminization at the same time

Dr. Reed,   Can you do male to female vaginoplasty and facial feminization at the same time?  Campbell

Dear Campbell,
I do not do facial feminization surgery at all.  I do breast augmentation or breast implants, but even this is too much surgery in my opinion to be done at once.  A willing patient does not a smart doctor make. We have a large display of before and after pictures of top (breast implants) and bottom (vaginoplasty) surgery on our web-site


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

1/3 - Before

Before breast implant augmentation surgery picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

1/4 - After

After breast implant augmentation surgery picture (patient of Dr. Reed)


Looking for male to female surgery pictures

Dr. Reed,  I am looking for male to female surgery pictures  Renee Dear Renee, Male to female surgery pictures and pictures of male to female gender reassignment are posted on our web-site  Breast implant surgery pictures (before and after) are posted as well. We are now doing so-called one-stage male to female vaginoplasty. Sex reassignment…Continue Reading

Breast implants or breast augmentation for transgender women

Breasts are universally recognized as a symbol of nourishment, love, femininity and sexuality. Breast augmentation is the second most popular cosmetic procedure performed (following liposuction), about 254,000 cases per year in the United States. If you are a MTF transgendered woman, you should be on hormones for 2 years to max out your “home grown”…Continue Reading

Transgender breast implant info sought

Dr. Reed, Would like transgender breast implant info.  Have been on estrogen for 4 years and seems as though my size has maxed out. About an A cup.  Roberta Dear Roberta, After you have been on estrogen for about 2 years, you will have achieved maximal “home grown” effect which is usually 1 cup size smaller than…Continue Reading

FAQ | Breast augmentation | The Reed Centre | Miami

Dear Reed, Does is make a difference which procedure I have first, breast implants or sex reassignment vaginoplasty (bottom surgery)? Janice Dear Janice, Thank you for see our many sexual reassignment surgery before and after pics on  It makes no difference which surgery you have first. We do male to female sex change bottom…Continue Reading

Fat transfer for breast enlargement vs. breast implants

Dr. Reed, Should I consider fat transfer as a way to enlarge my breasts or do you favor insertion of breast implants for a transgendered woman.?  Lorraine Hi Lorraine, Unless performed by a very skillful doctor, or maybe used as a touch up for a non-filled area, I would discourage fat transfer. The reasons being fluids tend…Continue Reading

Breast implants, how large can you go?

Breast Implants Augmentation mammoplasty typically involves breast implants to increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume that has been lost after weight reduction or pregnancy. We work with cohesive silicone gel implants or saline filled implants. Saline implants have the advantage of lower cost and that the filling range is flexible. When…Continue Reading

Do you work with Jim Collins Foundation, seeking vaginoplasty grant

Dear Dr. Reed  Hello, i have been on hormones for 3 years, and i’am very far along with transsexual conversion. Specific_Questions: Yes Dr. reed i’ have gone to The Jim Collins Foundation to help pay for my sexchange, MTF.. And in order to complet my application with them i need’ed to know the price and…Continue Reading

Breast implants, best size

Dr. Reed,  What size breast implants do you recommend?  Sally Dear Sally, Breasts are universally recognized as a symbol of nourishment, love, femininity and sexuality.    If you are a transgendered woman, ideally you should be on estrogens for 2 years to stimulate maximum home grown breast development.  It is always best to place the implant…Continue Reading

Any sex change surgery male to female pictures

Dr. Reed,  I am looking for gender reassignment surgery before and after pictures. Are you able to show any from your own practice at the Reed Centre in Miami?  Why does a patient’s weight have some much impact with whether you can accept a patient who otherwise is ready for surgery?  Marisha Dear Marisha,  We…Continue Reading