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Lady with post orgasmic pain looking for a penis

Dr. Reed, Can you do a FTM Phalloplasty on me.  I have post-orgasmic pain that lasts for hours at times and brings tears to my eyes.  Have seen about 6 doctors and a diagnosis has yet to be established.


Dear Janice.  We talked on the phone and I recommended you seek consultation with a university based hospital where they have a solid Gyn department.  When you call initially ask for a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner to sketch out your background, so they route you to the best doctor in the department for your problem.  You may need an MRI or CT scan.  Am surprised this has not been done before.

The etiology of clitoral neuralgia may be at the clitoris itself or anywhere along the nerve.  This could be referred pain or phantom pain given your hysterectomy

If you’re happy as a lady please don’t ask for penile surgery as there are no guarantees, more unlikely than not, the operation will not help you one single bit.  There has to be an explanation and a therapeutic trial with some medications such as gabepentin may be helpful.  But first, try to establish a diagnosis. Maintain your vagina if at all possible and avoid Phalloplasty.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami




Hariold M. Reed, M.D.