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Davydov procedure for Vaginal Depth

The principle of the Davydov technique is to create a neovagina using the patient’s own peritoneum as the lining.
All procedures were performed laparoscopically under general anaesthetic, and no intraoperative complications was encountered. The average preoperative vaginal length was 2.2 cm (range from 0 to 4 cm). The average vaginal length at 7 days following vaginoplasty was 7.6 cm (range 6.5?8.5 cm).  This equals 3 inches.

In another study  The anatomical results, considered to have stabilized, were assessed after a mean of 43.8 months (range 15?100). No patient was lost to follow-up. Length, diameter, softness and smoothness (no granuloma) of the neovagina were assessed. All patients had a soft and smooth vagina whose length, at bidigital assessment, was 7.2 ? 1.5 cm: 7.3 ? 1.7 cm in the first group and 7.0 ? 0.7 cm in the second (not significant).   Reported:  Sexuality after laparoscopic Davydov in patients affected by congenital complete vaginal agenesis associated with uterine agenesis or hypoplasia

A. Giannes, P. Marchiole, M. Benchaib, M. Chevret-Measson, P. Mathevet, and D. Dargent
Oxford Journals Medicine & Health, Human Reproduction
Volume 20, Issue 10, Pp. 2954-2957 reported May, 2005.

Laparoscopic vaginoplasty: alternative techniques in vaginal reconstruction
Authors:  IS Ismail, AS Cutner, SM Creighton

First published: 16 February 2006 in British Journal of Urology  (BJOU)

Of the two women following the Davydov procedure, neither is sexually active. One has maintained her vaginal length and width with regular dilation. Unfortunately, one woman following the Davydov failed to comply with vaginal dilator therapy, and although the vagina retained a 5-cm length, it became stenosed and narrowed, only admitting a cotton bud.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami