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After MTF vaginoplasty surgery, a female surrogate is required to be in the room

Doctor Reed,
After vaginoplasty surgery, during my convalescence at the hotel will it’ll be required to have another person to assist me after surgery?


Hi Marissa,

Yes, you definitely need female surrogate or a roommate who is feminine (I don’t do below the waist inspections) and you need someone to observe you as would a nurses aid to be sure there are no untoward signs during your recovery such as excessive bleeding, instability walking etc.  She will also encourage fluids and be sure they are available for you,  assist with ambulation, be sure you are practicing lower extremity exercises in bed, deep breathing 6 times an hour, empty your urine drainage bag, etc.  On the 3rd post op day, we typically will do a dressing change, and remove the Jackson-Pratt drain on or about the 5th to 6th post op day.  If you need some extra medication or supplies, your female friend or relative goes out and gets that for you as well as order or bring in food.  So hopefully this explains why someone else is needed aside from medical convention.  When a male doctor examines a female in his office, hospital, home or hotel, there needs to be another female in the room. In the eyes of the law if you dress as a woman or look like a woman, you’re a woman.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transsexual Surgery