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A matrimonial bilateral cross over, keep partners and dance

Dear Dr. Reed’

My birth name is Kathleen Anne Duneden, and my assumed name, since I am male stuck in a female body is Samuel Wilson Duneden. I would like to be transformed from female to male. My wife was born genetically male, Kevin Allan Duneden, assumed name is Katharine Anne Duneden, and would like to become fully female. We both want to have the surgery, but know in our research you need psychological counselor first. We would like information on referrals for a therapist, and on the surgical procedures, to change from female to male, and male to female. We would also like to know about finances. I hope this clarifies the situation for you.

Thank you,

Samuel (Kathleen) Duneden and Katharine (Allan) Duneden

Here are some great, compassionate, no nonsense therapists, all with doctoral degrees
who may do tele-evaluation and therapy.   Typically a letter of clearance will
require a face-to-face meeting at some time and most patients will do that at the time
they see me in Bay Harbor Islands (Miami).

Dr. Maylin Batista, (6001 NW 153rd St., Suite 157, Miami Lakes, Fl 33014, also speaks Spanish) 786-423-4612

Dr. Krista Bloom   (Plantation)  754-234-6991

Dr. Carol L. Clark   (closest to our office)  305-891-1827

Dr. Wendy Fader  (Boca Raton),  561-362-5530

Dr. Kathleen L. Farrell   (St. Petersburg, Fl)   727-551-9851

Dr. Rhonda Fine (Miami, Fl) 305-624-0009

Dr. Mary D. Lutzo, PhD, LMHC, NCC, DCMHS-T
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MH7808)
National Certified Counselor
AMHCA Diplomate & Clinical Mental Health Specialist in Trauma
Diplomate & Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists
7628 Massachusetts Ave
New Port Richey, FL  34653
727-848-LOVE (5683)  Phone website email

Dr. Anagloria Mora , South Miami,  (also speaks Spanish)  305 333 2263

Dr. Robin Rabinowitz (colleague of Dr. Schultz) 954-649-9886

Dr. Gladys Sanchez-Bello   (also speaks Spanish)  754 368 5114

Dr. Marcia Schultz (3111 N. University Drive Suite 400 Coral Springs, Fl. 33065)   954 648 6035

Dr. Marilyn Volker, (Coral Gables),  305-443-8850

Dr. Marcy D. Weiss, (West Palm Beach)   561 702 2228

You may obtain more information by calling them on phone.  Please present briefly: your history, age,
transition status, how long you have been living 100% in your ideal gender, and the surgical procedure
you would like to have.   Then, ask for an price quote estimation.  If agreeable, schedule an initial telephone

Assuming have received your  letters of therapy clearance, you would need to call our office and initiate a cnsutastion.This should get you started.

Anne, our amiable office manager and I will show you every courtesy for youjr upcoming male to female vaginoplasty and you wife’s top sugery and metoidioplastyy or phahlloplasty.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery


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