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FTM Sex Change photos

Any availabilities for metoidioplasty before the end of February, 2016

Dear Dr. Reed,

Have been living as a man for 7 years, have been on hormones for 5 years, and have 2 letters of therapy clearance.  What are your availabilities before the end of February?


Dear Wayne,

Do you provide a stand io void result?  More likely that not we can accommodate you.  But you’ll have to initiate a consutation before we schedule you in.  Following surgery you can, as before enlarge your phallus with a special hormonal cream.  We’ll talk about that as well.

Harold M., Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre from Transgender Surgery
3/1 1st stage result. Note excellent representation of glans an2/1[]7/1

FTM surgery at the Reed Centre

Many patients have asked to see photographic examples of metoidioplasty and penile implants.  These are both on our webiste and Click on “see photographic examples.”  We loosely call this our family album of “ups and downs.”   Some implants are semi-rigid as shown on srsMiami.  The actual phalloplasty surgery is done elsewhere, but if…Continue Reading

Penile implant for FTM phalloplasty

Dear Dr. Reed  Had a phalloplasty in Philadelphia which came out fairly well, and now seeking a penile implant.  Reveiewed your work on  and  I am impressed.  Do you have any availabilities this February when we slow down? Lester Dear Lester, Please initiate a consultation over the phone to obtain a medical history. …Continue Reading

Would like a long metoidioplasty, after all I’m a guy

Dear Dr. Reed, For reasons of economy I have decided for the moment not to have a phalloplasty but to have a metoidio[plasty as I have learned that a metoidioplasty can be converted to a phalloplasty later on.  Is this true?  And what can I do to get the longest possible metoidioplasty? Gerald Dear Gerald, Yes,…Continue Reading

metoidioplasty results

Dr. Reed, Have a beard, sideburns, accepetd as a man, need a metoidioplasty. Bruce Dear Bruce, We do metoidioplasty and on you can see photographs of our metoidioplasty results.   We can also do testicle implants and a stand to void result.    Hope you like what you see.   Harold M. Reed, M.D. The…Continue Reading