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Micropigmentation as cosmetic enhancement for gynecomastia

Below are posted some photos of work from Lanette Marie Scherr.

Lanette Scherr
Artistic Solutions
Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics
6601 S.W. 80th Street, Suite 201
Miami, Florida  33143
Specializing in diminishment of Scars, Breasts and Other Disfigurements
National Speaker on Advanced Medical Tattoo Procedures
Member in Good Standing of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals since 1998.
Member American Academy of Micropigmentation since 2003
Practice Licensed and Insured by Florida Law
Patient had loss of nipples on both sides after female to male breast  reduction.  His larger areola
were made to seem smaller by darkening the areola in an area of smaller diameter.  Lanette created
the illusion of nipples all with micro-pigmentation.
This patient presented with gynecomastia and deficient right areola border.  The nipple areola complex now
resembles his left.  Subsequently patient applied depigmentizing cream to reduce outer concentric circle
of somewhat darker skin with beneficial effect (not shown).

Gynecomastia or Male Breast Enlargement (Male Boobs)

Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) or male boobs Usually this is seen bilaterally, if on one side there is more reason to be concerned about a tumor.  In our practice the most common reason is associated with excessive weight gain.  Estrogens are produced in fat stores (even in men).  This enhances breast growth.  The issue is…Continue Reading