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Labiaplasty for transgender surgery patient

Dr. Reed, What’s involved for a labiaplasty on a transgender MTF patient who already had a vaginoplasty.  Cheryl

Dear Cheryl,

The term labiaplasty is a very generalized term that specifically could relate to modifying or creating labia majora or minora.  But other details on your work list could include: vaginal depth, revising to opening or introitus to the vagina, revising unaesthetic scars, seeking to create symmetry between both sides, providing a clitoral hood and anterior commissure ()the junction at which in natal women the upper labia majora come together (at the vicinity of the clitoris).  There could be a request to remove a urethral spongiosum rest (a bulge along the urethra that swells when aroused), modifying the urethral opening.  A very complex potential list.  Best to meet with your transgender surgeon before scheduling in for surgery.

The good news is hopefully the heavy lifting has been done and every critique of concern can be addressed in one additional procedure.

Please see before and after pictures on our web-site


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery Miami

6/1 - Patient presents with gaping introitus, labial laxity, no clitoral body, poorly defined labia minora. An upper pubic semi-circular skin resection scar represents attempt to tighten labia following original surgery.

Pre-op (before) labiaplasty picture

16/2 - Immediate status post-operatively (Reed Centre).

Post-op (after) labiaplasty picture




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My labia majora droop just a little, easy to fix?

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