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Would like a labiaplasty, they’re too large

Dr. Reed,  My labia are too large I think.  Speaking about the labia minora and clitoral hood.. Can they be reduced fairly easily, and how much down time will I have.  Natalie

Dear Natalie,

We certainly have done a lot of labial reduction, and regardless of whom you select, very important to have the excessive labia to be pre-marked with a plastic surgery marking pen before any anesthesia is injected for your approval. Once local anesthesia is injected the anatomy is distorted. “Everything is swollen” and the end result could be removing too much.

Please look at our web-site for some before and after labiaplasty pictures

Labial reduction (also known as labiaplastylabia minora reduction is a procedure for altering the labia minora (inner labia) and the labia majora (outer labia), the folds of skin surrounding the human vulva. The primary reasons include chaffing, unsightly appearance, irritation, hygienic issues, prominent bulging in tight fitting clothes, asymmetry, scrotalization of tissue, and your perception their appearance does not fall within a normal range.

Fee starting at $2,000 for labiaplasty surgery.

An incision takes about 7 to 8 weeks to regain full tensile strength, so I would propose no sex until then.  We make choose to apply a compression dressing to minimize bruising.  If we do, you’ll need a catheter for about 3 days.  Then when the dressing is removed along with the catheter, you’ll be able to shower and void as before.  In you work in an office environment I would think you could be back on the job with a ring pillow in about 4 days.  If you sit on your incision line, you may split it.  So ring ;pillow please whenever you are sitting for about 3 to 4 weeks.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery Miami

2/1 - Genetic female labiaplasty, Pre-op             3/1 PRE

Before Labiaplasty Picture              After Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction Picture


4/1 - Pre-op (note scrotalization of labia majora).                  4/4 - Post Op (scrotal labia trimmed, labia minora refined, clitoris reduced).

Before Labiaplasty Picture              After Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction Picture

My labia are too large

Dear Dr. Reed,  Do you do labia reduction. I just feel they’re all over the place and I never feel clean. Linda Dear Linda,  Yes we do labial reduction, which may also involvement refinement of the clitoral hood and at times labia majora reduction.  The labia majora and the scrotum are anatomic homologs, so if…Continue Reading

Labiaplasty for excessive floppy labia and clitoral hood

Dr. Reed,  I am a natal female with large labia and redundant clitoral hood. I don’t think this is very feminine. Would you look at some recent photos and advise.   Darlinda Dear Darlinda, Thank you for your interest in labiaplasty.  We have many before and after photos of labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction on our web-site…Continue Reading

Labiaplasty reduction

Dear Dr. Reed,  I am seeking a labiaplasty for floppy labia very much in excess of what I consider normal.  I am 27 years old and have pain occasionally with sex and some chronic inflammation and minor bleeding.  Have visited your web-site Susan Dear Susan, Labial and clitoral hypertrophy can be seen in female…Continue Reading

Labiaplasty for genetic females

Yes, we do labiaplasty for natal women, when there is a huge amount of tissue relative to what might be considered normal, sexual dysfunction, and chaffing.  We have photographic examples on   Think you might agree looking at these pre-op photos.  First 3 are pre-op and last post-op              However, mention…Continue Reading