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Post-Op Transgender Genitalia, Photographic Examples – The Reed Centre

Dr. Reed, How close does your post-op transgender genitalia approximate natal female vagina?  Daliah

Dear Daliah,

Creating credible transgender genitalia should be the goal of every transgender surgeon.  This is not just about male genital ablation.  Our goals are to provide a labia majora, labia minora, sensate clitoris, with clitoral hood, a urethral opening that lets you void down, a lubricious vagina with respectable vaginal depth.  To do this carefully takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes to 4 1/2 hours.  Post-op transgender care is also important to facilitate optimal wound healing.

Lastly we have to be accessible to you, should any questions or concerns arise.  You don’t want prompts, infomercials, music on hold, or an answering service.

Please look at before and after transgender vaginoplasty pictures on our web-site srsMiamicom  Hope you like what you see.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami


Post-op transgender female genitalia (patient of Dr. Reed)


Post-op transgender female genitalia (patient of Dr. Reed)

Seeking an MTF sex change vaginoplasty, what is meant by Promotional Rate?

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Male to female sex change photos

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Affordable Vaginoplasty Promo

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Please say you accept Medicare for Transgender MTF Vaginoplasty

I am a Transgender woman.  I am interested in SRS male to female vaginoplasty surgery and you came highly recommended.  I hope that you also accept Medicare for Payment?  I am 65 Yrs old, in good health, have letters of recommendation from my Psychiatrist and GP, as well as, having been on hormones for over…Continue Reading

Male to Female Surgery Vaginal Lubrication

Male to Female Surgery Vaginal Lubrication is to be expected to after vaginoplasty  Even when we performed a Non-grafted Vaginoplasty we were frankly surprised at the number of patients who reported lubrication  under the Female Sexual Function Survey (maximum score 6), our average score 3.7.   We also learned estrogen receptors exist in all male biopsies…Continue Reading

Vaginoplasty revision with Clitoroplasty needed

Dr. Reed,  Can you make a clitoris? Clitoroplasty  I was done elsewhere about 6 years ago.  I am orgasmic, so there must be something there.  Would like more show and tell.  Where should I send photos?  Nancy Hi Nancy, We do Vaginoplasty revisions frequently to include Clitoroplasty.  If you are orgasmic that’s a very good…Continue Reading

Will I be wet or lubricated after my sex change vaginoplasty in Miami

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