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Are you having good weather in Miami?, would like December vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed,  Are you having good weather in Miami?, would like December vaginoplasty.  Tamika

Dear Tamika,

Usually yes, typically in the 70’s. Weather all across the country is starting to change. While yesterday in northern San Diego, Pasquel Valley it reached 95 degrees, in western North Carolina, there was ice on the windshield of our F150.  My hands were freezing cold.

The sun was already starting to glare. And I know what It was saying…

“At least one day you can let me sleep late.  I’ve been doing this act for a million years and all you people complain about is “glare.”  You think the sun is very hot.  Not so, it’s very cold up here (as cold as you are down there) and I don’t even have any clothes on.  Give me a break.  How long do your patients have to keep their clothes off for before and after sex change pictures (male to female gender affirmation) surgery?”
Happy Thanksgiving weekend,
Harold M. Reed, M.D.
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