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Male to Female gender reassignment surgery letter needed for Driver’s License

Dr. Reed, Need a letter confirming male to female gender reassignment surgery for a driver’s license.  Ana

Dear Ana,

We routinely write letters for birth certificates, passports, driver’s license, you name it on behalf of our patients.  If you have not had male to female bottom surgery, but simply been on hormones, and live and present as a woman, most states with a letter from a doctor providing some background will make the necessary changes, without requiring that you actually had transgender bottom surgery.  For us to compose such a letter without seeing you and reviewing your pertinent history is medical fraud.  So we cannot do that.  Our consultation fee provides for many E-mail exchanges, telephone calls, opening a folder for you, and your first visit to the office excluding lab work and surgery of course.

Hope this gets you off to a proper start.

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Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami


Male to Female Gender Reassignment Pic (patient of Dr. Reed)