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Any vaginoplasty Valentine’s Day promotions?, need some financial help


Dr. Reed, Wednesday the 14rth is coming up soon.  I’ve been a transgendered woman for 7 years, have my letters and need some financial help to achieve gender confirmation surgery.  My family is supporting me.  Just a few thousand shy of your published price.  Aisha

Dear Aisha,

Of course, the Reed Centre will provide a compassionate discount.  Speak with Anne on Monday.  Please understand that you still have travel expenses, hotel, vaginal dilators, and small out of pocket expenses for anti-embolism stockings, bed protectors and medications.  You also need some reserve if you are from out of  town for the possibility of followup care with your local doctor such as removal of sutures.

Something that we have introduced in he past year is one-stage vaginoplasty.  While we cannot promise you won’t  need a touch-up, hopefully you will be fully functional and pleasing to look at.  Please see before and after pictures of our vaginoplasty work at and scroll down.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami


Male to female vaginoplasty after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)


Had a transgender vaginoplasty and hear the term “camel toe”

Dr. Reed, Should I have a camel toe appearance after male to female transgender surgery?  Brooklyn Dear Brooklyn, The term camel toe is used to describe labial cleavage which could be seen if a natal female is wearing shorts with a high crouch.  Some people love to display cleavage top and bottom. If a natal…Continue Reading

Is electrolysis necessary for orchiectomy

Dr. Reed, Is electrolysis necessary for orchiectomy?   Jocelyn Dear Jocelyn, You’ll be happy to learn electrolysis is not required for orchiectomy.  Please don’t shave yourself before coming here.  Our incision is placed about 1 1/4″ long at most and done in the vertical mid line about 3/8″ below the emergence of the underside of the penis.…Continue Reading

Male to female surgery pictures

Where can I find male to female surgery pictures?   Almeria Dear Almeria, For male to female surgery pictures, please visit our web-site and follow the drop-down box options.  We have done several hundred procedures. Cordially, Harold M. Reed, M.D. The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami 1-305-865-2000 Transgender bottom surgery picture (patient of Dr. Reed)Continue Reading

Transgender Health Information on Male to Female Vaginoplasty

What is male to female Vagnoplastgy? Vaginoplasty is a gender-affirming, feminizing, lower surgery to create a vagina and vulva (including mons, labia, clitoris, and urethral opening) and remove the erectile bodies of the penis, scrotum, and testes. A portion of the glans or had of the penis is typically used to make a neo-clitoris and…Continue Reading

Looking for transgender surgery pictures

Dr. Reed,  Do you have any transgender operation pictures of transgender surgery that you have done, male to female?  I am a transgender woman seeking MTF vaginoplasty.  Any post-op transgender vagina pictures you could send would be appreciated.  Diane Dear Diane, Yes, transgender operation pictures can be found on our web-site Please scroll down…Continue Reading

Looking for gender reassignment surgery pictures from Dr. Reed

Dear Reed, My therapist told me about the Reed Centre and to look at gender reassignment surgery pictures on your web-site.  Are these your patients?   Some seem like natal females.  Just asking,  Rosalie Dear Rosalie, Thank you for visiting our webs-site and looking at male to female gender reassignment surgery pictures.  With the exception of a…Continue Reading