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How applicable is male to female genital homologues when doing transgender surgery

Dr. Reed, How applicable is knowledge of male to female genital homologues when doing transgender surgery?  Nureen

Dear Nureen, Male to female differentiation starts when the fetus is about 2 inches long.  Some of the similarities you may be aware of are the scrotum in the male is similar to the labia majora in the female.  The glans of the penis becomes the glans of the clitoris.  The unclosed area of the elongated male urethra which is in part the raphe or pigmented longitudinal line on the underside of the penis and extends onto the scrotum,  manifests itself at the inside of the labia minora. The vulvar plate is similar to the male urethra.

What this all comes down to is, if the surgeon can modify these homologues and put them in the proper places, there is better preservation of nerve supply and also appearance.   Please look at before and after male to female sex change pictures on our web-site

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Transgender Surgeon
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