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My insurance may not cover MTF bottom surgery

Dr. Reed,  My insurance may not cover transgender MTF bottom surgery.  Any suggestions? Lana

Dear Lana,  Several ideas.  First call Anne at the office on Tuesday January 2nd for a vaginoplasty compassionate price quote.  Next consider enlisting a sponsor to help you.  50% of our patients come in with sponsors.  Could be a family member, spouse, significant other, business partner, or church group.  The Jim Collins Foundation does sponsor some patients

Please look at before and after pictures of our transgender male to female bottom surgery  and scroll down.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

Example #1: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery

Picture of Male to Female Transgender Vaginoplasty (bottom surgery)
patient of Dr. Reed

Example #2: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery

Note clitoral hood, glans, and sulci. Ample introitus is confirmed by passage of our largest stent.

Picture of Male to Female Transgender Vaginoplasty (bottom surgery)
patient of Dr. Reed



Seeking an MTF sex change vaginoplasty, what is meant by Promotional Rate?

Dear Dr. Reed, Have been living for 3 years 24/7 as a female, studying nursing and use the lady”s bathroom.  I see on your web-site mention of a Promotional rate.  Please tell me what’s involved and the soonest I can schedule in?    I think you’ll find all my papers are in order and you…Continue Reading

Sponsor for Male to Female Gender Reassignment Surgery

Dear Dr. Reed,  Have visited and seen your Thank you for writing about MTF vaginoplasty, even on a Sunday.. Your messages really make me happy just to open them. I thought for a long time i wanted to find someone to help me out like a sex change or someone who wanted to help…Continue Reading

Need Affordable SRS Gender Reassignment Surgery

Dr. Reed, I’we been looking at your pictures of male to female sex change surgery.  Shortly I hope to be a candidate for srs surgery,. I’ve been on hormones for just over 5 months and I’m currently starting to gender transition Specific_Questions: My biggest concern is basically being able to afford the surgery. I am…Continue Reading

Male to female surgery inquiry from California

I am seeking male to female surgery and have seen your gender reassignment pictures before and after on  I have been on hormones for 4 years and living full time for 3 years. I have completed my WPATH requirements. Specific_Questions: I am looking for just SRS, and my therapist in California says you specialize…Continue Reading

Need an affordable vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed,  Seeking an Affordable Vaginoplasty.  Am in good health and have both my letters.  Your office has been recommended by my therapist. Chrissy Dear Chrissy,  Your letter is very timely.  We have an opening for November 8th and the comprehensive fee for MTF sex change Vaginoplasty is 8,500.  If you are ready, you need…Continue Reading

Seeking your affordable Male to Female vaginoplasty

Dear Dr. Reed, Thank you for sending me a packet of info on male to female sex change vaginoplasty.  After listening to your voice and your kind words I feel that you are the doctor for me.  I have obtained the records of the blood tests, EKG and summaries of the x-rays that were taken…Continue Reading

Affordable gender confirmation surgery | Dr. Harold M. Reed | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed, Is your May promotion $4000  for vaginoplasty (surgical fee) still available? Rebecca Dear Rebecca, While the May promotion certainty attracted attention of many patients and therapists, for best current prices please call Anne our amiable office manger.  More likely than not she will do something special for you, and note that in…Continue Reading

Male to female vaginoplasty May promotion

Dr. Reed, Have heard from my therapist about your male to female vaginoplasty May promotion.  We are almost at the end of the month.  If I .Email you now, will you “vest” me in. The therapist is aware of the proper style for letters of recommendation.  She has colleagues with a doctoral degrees who could…Continue Reading

Male to Female Vaginal Surgery Financial Assistance| Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,  My therapist has recommended you becasue of your Vaginiplasty Promotion in Miami.  She has know a few patient you have done and who were happy with their edxperience.  To the point, what can you do for me.  Chevi   Dear Chevi, Every patient who considers us  is an opportunity to provide the…Continue Reading