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Male to female chest surgery, priority in transition?

Dr. Reed, When do you advise I have breast implants done.  I am have been living full time as a woman for 5 years and have been on estrogens for most of that time.   Cherishma

Dear Cherishma,

The choice is yours.  If you’ve been on estrogens for 4 to 5 years, your breast size has probably maxed out and typically is one cup size smaller than your mother or sister.  If you are happy with your breast contours now, best not to have unneeded surgery.  Large breast implants will eventually sag as do large breasts on natal women, and you’ll be back in the operating room for a lift or revision.  If you present confirmingly as a woman now, surely you have many admires.

You may wish to consider feminizing vaginoplasty as your next procedure, and do consider our one-stage vaginoplastyBefore and after male to female transition pictures are posted on our web-site.  For vagionoplasty enter srsMiamicom/vaginoplasgty and scroll down.  Hope you like what you see.

We also have before and after breast implant pictures on our web-site.


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1/3 - Before    1/4 - After
Before and after breast implant pictures


After male to female transition vaginoplasty picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

Would my mother be permitted to sit in on consultation?

Dr. Reed,  Am a 19 year old male to female transgendered woman.  My Mom would be financing the surgery and would like to pose some questions during the consultation.  Ilyana Dear Ilyana, Yes, also she is welcome as is any sponsor, significant other, family member.  Please understand that I will be asking some very personal questions…Continue Reading

My urinary stream after male to female vaginoplasty seems to go up. Help.

Dr. Reed, Had a male to female vaginoplasty elsewhere and my urinary stream seems to go up not down.  I find myself leaning over to keep the urine in the toilet bowl.  Jocelyn Dear Jocelyn, Following a male to female vaginoplasty an upward  deflection of the urinary stream occurs more frequently than you might imagine. …Continue Reading

Transgender $8,500 promo (FAQ) | Dr. Harold M. Reed | The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

Dear Dr. Reed,  Is your procedure a one stage transgender vaginoplasty approach and will I have vaginal moisture or be lubricated down there?   Cynthia Dear Cynthia,  Yes, for the past 6 months we have been attempting to do all transgender vaginoplasty surgery in one-stage.  That means clitoral hood and closure of the anterior commissure.  So…Continue Reading

Male to Female Gender Reassignment Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

Dr. Reed, Am ready for male to female gender reassignment surgery.  Can you do it in one stage, one visit? Marla Dear Marla, Thank you for visiting tssurgery guide.  This past year we have done several one stage Male to Female Gender Reassignment Surgery procedures.  As with all vaginoplasties, dilation needs to be started on…Continue Reading

Seeking aid for male to female vaginoplasty

Dear Dr. Reed, I am a 28 year old male to female transsexual who needs a vaginoplasty. I am writing today because I am not sure what else to do. I am scared I won’t make it to 30 as the thoughts and emotions are overwhelming me. I hadn’t realized how bad it was until…Continue Reading

Cost and terms for male to female vaginoplasty?

Dr. Reed, Seeking an Male to Female Sex Change Vaginoplasty.  I have been on female hormones with a doctor in Coral Springs for over 8 + months now. I have been living and working full time as female for nearly 2 months now. I have been seeing Marcia Schultz for Gender Counseling for 10 +…Continue Reading