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How large should a male to female transgender clitoris be

Dr. Reed, How large should a male to female transgender clitoris be.  I am concerned if the transgender surgeon doesn’t male it large enough I will not be fully orgasmic?  Wendy

Dear Wendy, please go on-line under images google and look at natal mature female clitoris pictures.  A normal clitoris is about 2/3rd the diameter of your pinky (5th finger).  In that a neo-clitoris of this size is capable of intense orgasm why put something there that looks like a juvenile penis  We have many before and after photos of our transgender female vulvas on our web-site (scroll down) and what you see protruding under the hood in just the glans clitoris, the body goes back further than that, just as on a natal female.  The rest is up to you and your partner.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Reed Centre of Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami
Example #2: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery Note clitoral hood, glans, and sulci. Ample introitus is confirmed by passage of our largest stent.

Our transgender vaginoplasty patient (normal sized clitoris)
Example #6: Male to Female Transsexual Surgery Patient had 1 stage vaginoplasty in 2008 and returns for urethral meatus re-siting. Stream needs to be directed more downwards. Pleasing clitoral glans with hood and labia minora. 6/1

Our transgender vaginoplasty patient (normal sized clitoris)


Same patient with hood


Male to female transgender vaginoplasty post-op care

Dr. Reed, What male to female transgender surgery post -op instructions do you provide for a smooth recovery? Cathy Dear Cathy, Anticipate staying in Miami for a good week after surgery, so I can remove the vaginal packing show you and a friend how to dilate.  You will need to dilate daily or wear a soft mold…Continue Reading

Would my mother be permitted to sit in on consultation?

Dr. Reed,  Am a 19 year old male to female transgendered woman.  My Mom would be financing the surgery and would like to pose some questions during the consultation.  Ilyana Dear Ilyana, Yes, also she is welcome as is any sponsor, significant other, family member.  Please understand that I will be asking some very personal questions…Continue Reading

Is electrolysis necessary for orchiectomy

Dr. Reed, Is electrolysis necessary for orchiectomy?   Jocelyn Dear Jocelyn, You’ll be happy to learn electrolysis is not required for orchiectomy.  Please don’t shave yourself before coming here.  Our incision is placed about 1 1/4″ long at most and done in the vertical mid line about 3/8″ below the emergence of the underside of the penis.…Continue Reading

Male to female surgery pictures

Where can I find male to female surgery pictures?   Almeria Dear Almeria, For male to female surgery pictures, please visit our web-site and follow the drop-down box options.  We have done several hundred procedures. Cordially, Harold M. Reed, M.D. The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Miami 1-305-865-2000 Transgender bottom surgery picture (patient of Dr. Reed)Continue Reading

My urinary stream after male to female vaginoplasty seems to go up. Help.

Dr. Reed, Had a male to female vaginoplasty elsewhere and my urinary stream seems to go up not down.  I find myself leaning over to keep the urine in the toilet bowl.  Jocelyn Dear Jocelyn, Following a male to female vaginoplasty an upward  deflection of the urinary stream occurs more frequently than you might imagine. …Continue Reading

After male to female sex change vaginoplasty, will I be wet down there?

Dr. Reed, After male to female sex change vaginoplasty, will I be wet down there?  Veronica Dear Veronica, Vaginal moisture, wetness, or lubrication occurs in a natal female only when they are aroused.  That’s why doctors put jelly on their speculums.  That’s why they put jelly on a gloved finger when doing a rectal.  Please don’t…Continue Reading

Happy patient sends us after male to female transgender surgery picture | The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery

Dr.  Reed, One year ago you did my male to female transgender vaginoplasty.  Here is a selfie, and yes you can post this on your web-site. Camilla Dear Camilla, Thank you ever so much for your thoughtful Email which we do indeed treasure.  With your kind permission we have added your vaginoplasty picture to our…Continue Reading

What do your require for male to female orchiectomy

Dr. Reed,  Would like an orchiectomy. Have been living as a woman for 6 years, when I first started hormones. During this time I’ve been well accepted as a woman and use the ladies bathroom with no difficulties. What do I need to do? Do I need electrolysis?  Allison Dear Allison, If you are healthy…Continue Reading

Male to Female Transgender Vaginoplasty Revision needed

Dr. Reed,  Had a transgender vaginoplasty done here (in the USA) with many problems and underwent revision but still do not have a vagina capable of entry by my boyfriend. who is normal sized.  Can E-mail you some photos which show how I looked aftrer the first, and lateropn after reivision .  Marcia Dear Marcia,…Continue Reading