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Any vaginoplasty Valentine’s Day promotions?, need some financial help


Dr. Reed, Wednesday the 14rth is coming up soon.  I’ve been a transgendered woman for 7 years, have my letters and need some financial help to achieve gender confirmation surgery.  My family is supporting me.  Just a few thousand shy of your published price.  Aisha

Dear Aisha,

Of course, the Reed Centre will provide a compassionate discount.  Speak with Anne on Monday.  Please understand that you still have travel expenses, hotel, vaginal dilators, and small out of pocket expenses for anti-embolism stockings, bed protectors and medications.  You also need some reserve if you are from out of  town for the possibility of followup care with your local doctor such as removal of sutures.

Something that we have introduced in he past year is one-stage vaginoplasty.  While we cannot promise you won’t  need a touch-up, hopefully you will be fully functional and pleasing to look at.  Please see before and after pictures of our vaginoplasty work at and scroll down.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami


Male to female vaginoplasty after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)


Do you offer sliding scale for male to female transgender bottom surgery

Dr. Reed,  Do you offer a sliding scale for male to female transgender bottom surgery?  My income is limited but able to travel to Miami.  Jennifer Dear Jennifer, A sliding scale for male to female transgender surgery is certainly available.  Please speak with Anne and ask for compassionate consideration.  Do check around with other established transgender surgeons. …Continue Reading

Will you accept my Medicare for Transgender Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery

Dear Dr. Reed,  I am not from Florida but will travel to you for Male to Female Sex Reassignment Vaginoplasty, if you accept my Medicare. Rhonda Dear Rhonda, While we do not accept Medicare, if you call the office we will see if our hospital does, and this could be a big savings for you,…Continue Reading

Male to Female Surgery Before-After

Dear Reed,  Looking for male to female surgery before and after photos.  Do you accept transgender insurance?  Katia Dear Katia, Many male to female surgery before and after photos are posted on our web-site  Click on vaginoplasty  .  Some are primary cases, other photos are of revisions of transgender surgery done elsewhere. If you have…Continue Reading

February MTF vaginoplasty grant

Dear Dr. Reed, My therapist directed me to your web-site and says you have an MTF Vaginoplasty grant or promotion this February.  Called the office late and was unable to speak with Anne your office manager.  I will try on Monday. The first 17 in 2017 sounds like I’ll be able to get the…Continue Reading

Transsexual MTF Vaginoplasty promotion

Dear Dr. Reed, Heard you had transsexual vaginoplasty promotion called the first 16 on 2016.  Will you be doing something similar this year?  Affordable vaginoplasty? Saw your transgender before and after photos on  Have been living as a woman for 6 years and believe me, I’m ready.  Are you doing one or 2 stage…Continue Reading

MTF Surgery Fee

Dr. Reed,  What is your MTF vaginoplasty fee?  Will insurance pay for male to female surgery?  Do you provide discounts to needy patients?  Amantha Dear Amantha, Our MTF vaginoplasty fee is posted on our web-site  We can offer individual consideration and be very compassionate. Please see before and after pictures of our vaginoplasty patients,…Continue Reading

Need Affordable SRS Gender Reassignment Surgery

Dr. Reed, I’we been looking at your pictures of male to female sex change surgery.  Shortly I hope to be a candidate for srs surgery,. I’ve been on hormones for just over 5 months and I’m currently starting to gender transition Specific_Questions: My biggest concern is basically being able to afford the surgery. I am…Continue Reading

Preparation for MTF vaginoplasty. 6.5 years of cross dressing, dances, exercises daily

Dear Dr. Reed, Seriously looking at having an MTF sex change vaginoplasty at the Reed Cenhtre for Transgender Surgery.  You’re in Miami, right?  What All Do  I need to do before the proceedure like i know about the crossdressing i been doing that for 6 1/2 years and im in very good shape i dance…Continue Reading

Transgender Vaginoplasty, economical and in the USA

Good evening!  Researching Sex Change Vaginoplasty.  I’m sending this email because I’ve been looking into different surgeons to do my SRS with here soon, and my original plan was to go to Thailand however I would like to avoid that if possible since it’s overseas and my girlfriend Danielle is currently planning to schedule her…Continue Reading