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Is electrolysis necessary for orchiectomy

Dr. Reed, Is electrolysis necessary for orchiectomy?   Jocelyn

Dear Jocelyn,

You’ll be happy to learn electrolysis is not required for orchiectomy.  Please don’t shave yourself before coming here.  Our incision is placed about 1 1/4″ long at most and done in the vertical mid line about 3/8″ below the emergence of the underside of the penis.

Via one incision we can remove both testes and the spoermatic cords (tootsie roils).  We can shave the area with a sterile razor.  If you have lots of pubic hair growth you may want some pubic hair shaved as we’ll be applying a compressive dressing.  Removing tape from hairy skin is no fun.

If you are planning transgender vaginoplasty, the is the electrolysis diagram posted below is the one we recommend, as no one wants pubic hair growing out of the vagina.  Scraping mentioned by others is not consistently effective.


Patient (not Dr. Reed’s) who had scraping during vaginoplasty and pubic hair growing out of vagina.



Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

Before and after pictures of male to female vaginoplasty or bottom surgery (patients of Dr. Reed)


Will you accept my Medicare for Transgender Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery

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Will my insurance cover MTF hospitalization and anesthesia

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