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You said OK for orchiectomy, am thinking vaginoplasty

Dr. Reed,

I am a retired agricultural inspector and we originally talked about an orchiectomy.  I am
covered Medicare and am rethinking about a vaginoplasty.  Is this possible?


Dear Dewitt,

I have reviewed your chart, and you will have to ask your therapists to revise your letter of
clearance saying you are a candidate for vaginoplasty and this operation is “medically necessary”
or words to that effect. Because of your age I think a thallium or Cardiolite stress EKG is appropriate
within 2 weeks before your scheduled surgery.  Similarly you have to re-present your proposed surgical procedure
to your internist and receive his approval for vaginoplasty, a 4 to 5 hour procedure.  Have you given consideration
as to whether you wish a penetrable vaginal depth  Not all patients at your age seek this and surely this would
reduce surgical time.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
Transgender Surgeon
The Reed Centre – Miami

Seeking Medicare supported transgender surgery

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Do you accept Medicare

Short answer, the hospital does and anesthesia does, and we will reduce our fees and you get the check. Regretfully we have learned Medicare is allowing 1800 (yes that’s all… 1800) for vaginoplasty and for that reason, we will not accept Medicare.  We get 2000 for a circumcision, 2500 for a simple orchiectomy.  Please review…Continue Reading