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Motivations before and outcome after Transmen gender confirming surgery

Taken from Journal of Sexual Medicine, volume 14, Number 12, December 2017.

Authored by Tim van de Grift and group from the Netherlands. 21 transmen followed at least a year after phalloplasty or metoidioplasty were asked what motivated them to have surgery.  100% said “gender confirmation.” 78% wished to enable sexual intercourse, and voiding while standing was reported in 74%.  Following surgery the genitalia were used more during sex, 78% vs. 31% before. Patients reported more pleasure, confidence, and less passivity.

Voiding symptoms were notably higher in those who had urethral surgery.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Transgender Surgery – Miami

Transman who had phalloplasty surgery elsewhere revised by Dr. Reed with insertion of malleable semi-rigid penile implant for penetration


Metoidioplasty patient of Dr. Reed

Considering female to male bottom surgery, how is the vagina removed?

Dear Dr. Reed, Considering female to male bottom surgery, how is the vagina removed?  What else is required?  Lisa Dear Lisa, In order to prepare for female to male bottom surgery which may be either a metoidioplasty and a phalloplasty, you will need to have your ovaries and uterus removed, usually laparoscopically. Removing the vagina is…Continue Reading

Many questions on Metoidioplasty, Testicle Implants, and Colpocleisis

Good morning Byron, Answering your thoughtful questions regardiong metoidioplasty in the order posed…. 1. The price for metoidioplasty The surgery, Anesthetic, use of facility and aftercare you quoted is $12,500 US dollars correct? Yes. 2.  So does this include some accommodation for patients that just had the surgery? Because the likelihood is I will be there…Continue Reading

Would like a long metoidioplasty, after all I’m a guy

Dear Dr. Reed, For reasons of economy I have decided for the moment not to have a phalloplasty but to have a metoidio[plasty as I have learned that a metoidioplasty can be converted to a phalloplasty later on.  Is this true?  And what can I do to get the longest possible metoidioplasty? Gerald Dear Gerald, Yes,…Continue Reading

Metoidioplasty FTM

Dr. Reed,  When you do a metoidioplasty will I be able to urinate standing. Sammy Dear Sammy, Than you for viewing the many photos of our metoidioplasty results on   The steps to metoidioplasty are ideally laparoscopic salpingo-oophorectomy, and assisted vaginal total hysterectomy.   Wait about 3 months for healing, then colpocleisis or closure of the…Continue Reading

Transgender Male to Female

Transgender people are more prevalent than you might imagine because many are exceedingly passable and assimilate easily into society  both on the job and with respect to bathroom privileges. Naturally most seek above and below the waist conformation. The Reed Centre in Miami has been providing an outpatient resource for transgender surgery since 2002.  Photos…Continue Reading

FTM transsexual wants testicle implants

Dr. Reed, I am an FTM seeking testicular implants. Raymond Dear Raymond, Please see photographic examples on our web-site:  also see photographic examples   2/1 and 4/1  We us  a very natural feeling implant that comes in a variety of sizes so as not to dwarf your phallus. We offer affordable transgender pricing.  These…Continue Reading

Metoidioplasty or FTM bottom surgery

Metoidioplasty or Metaidoioplasty (phallic clitoral enlargement, stand to void) The procedure confers the advantage of minimal surgery with preservation of natural sensation and erectile function. Donor site forearm scars avoided. Overweight patients may achieve greater length with pubic lipectomy which will recess the body surface line. In this procedure the clitoral hood is lifted and…Continue Reading

FTM metoidioplasty

Dear Dr. Reed, How does a metoidioplasty differ from a phalloplasty. Gerri, Dear Gerri, A metoidioplasty is an operation which results in a juvenile sized penis when the clitoris which has enlarged secondary o t4stosterone taken usually intramuscularly results in clitoral hypertrophy. This can be augmented by applying a compound similar to testosterone to the…Continue Reading